Circus Science

Suitable for KS1 KS2 & KS3.

Thinking about the forces in every day (and Circus) life, plus a few extra strange science facts!

Feats of juggling, spinning and balancing to astound, amuse and inform, a demonstration followed by workshops with lots of participation.

Our Fantastiko scientist is a circus genius who brings fun and learning together in an interactive experience for your pupils.

Looking at actions that everyone experiences and explaining that science is really only giving names (and numbers) to all the forces involved so that we can use our brains to predict or calculate results. You know what happens when you throw a ball, but what is the science behind it?

Curriculum areas include:

Basic forces when an object is sitting or moving (thrown or dropped!),Centre of Gravity (balance point), air resistance, springs, gyroscopic motion and even the speed of sound are also brought into the mix to explain why some things behave the way they do. Whilst a few of these are outside the curriculum objectives, they are still experienced everyday and can be explained at a simple level to encourage curiosity and thinking about the science involved.

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