Circus Workshops for Secondary Schools

Our secondary school Circus workshops offer more advanced skills for older age groups including tight-wire, stilts, and even trapeze as we have a free standing trapeze rig and specially trained aerial facilitators.

The format and timetable for the workshops is up to you, we do have standard circus skill sessions, however if you are focusing on a specific topic or part of the curriculum then we will discuss these with you and adapt accordingly.

Past projects include: Key Stage 3 and 4 activity days, School fetes, Arts Award events, Health and fitness awareness weeks, circus skills and trapeze days, boarders weekend activity day.

For secondary schools we offer more advanced sessions that have a greater focus on teamwork, group interaction, and personal development.

We offer personalised circus skills certificates which add to a sense of acheivement.

The workshops can be in three stages:

  1. The pupils get to try out various skills and equipment. (See What we do )
  2. The pupils select the equipment or skills they wish to focus on and develop.
  3. If time allows we can also support pupils to create group circus performances. In small groups a short performance piece is created. (with music, circus equipment and dialogue).

The performances can be shared with the group, the rest of the year or to the school and possibly parents.

Circus Scheme of Work and Performance Projects

A creative partnership with you
Working as a creative partner with you and your school we can develop and deliver a Circus themed scheme of work. These projects can include an intensive week long range of sessions or be regular workshops on an ongoing basis.

The content and skills explored in these workshops can be more advanced and the progressive nature allows for greater growth and development. There is also the opportunity to explore and support a range of curriculum areas within the sessions such as Science, Maths, history, literacy, drama and Geography. Circus is an international art form with many links to different parts of the world through the ages. We also work closely with other practitioners, artists and companies and our workshops can work well in conjunction with costume design, choreography, drama, mask, carnival, dance , art, music and more.

Circus Skills as a creative partnerships programme

If you are looking for more than one circus session.

Artists/Facilitators: We ensure that that we find you the best workshop leader to suit your aims and objectives, this gives you the option to focus more on one particular skill or performance aspect as we have found this develops a more successful project for both staff and participants.

Liaison: From start to finish we keep the channels of communication open and work collaboratively with you on the further content and development of the sessions.

Creative Practice: Circus skill workshops are challenging and exciting, we aren't afraid to take creative risks, and it is important to our work to allow those taking part to steer the project. In our sessions through building confidence and concentration skills our work often inspires our participants to push themselves beyond their usual boundaries. We have found that our workshops appeal to the most challenging students and they often display greater levels of commitment and focus than they believed they had.